What We Do Differently. ..Becoming a Northcoast 99 Top Workplace

That Pattie Group has recently been named as one of Northcost 99 Top Workplace in Cleveland OH. We’ve been asked several times “What makes The Pattie Group Inc. different? What do you do that earned you a place as one of the top 99?” We thought we would share with you some of the things we do differently.


Required Employee Education Without the Big Price Tag

Why don't companies require all employees to continue to grow while employed? In-house training programs and required continuing education doesn't have to be hard to implement, or costly. In fact, it can be quite simple and it benefits everyone involved, employees, employers and the clientele.


Garage Storage Solutions

If your garage has become a domestic dumping ground, it’s time to shift gears. Today, a blog provided
 by Encore Garage of Ohio owner and Cleveland organizing guru Mike Padden.


Managing Small Business HR Internally

Typically, companies with 50 or less employees don’t really need a full-scale Human Resources department rather the “HR task” can be handled by the owner with the assistance of the office manager or an outside service. Small businesses with 50-150 employees usually need an employee dedicated to Human Resources. That’s where you come in!


Life Lessons from the Track

My high school age daughter runs track and field. She participates in multiple events but the hurdle race is where she shines. This season, she broke the school record in the 100 meter hurdles which hadn’t been beat in twenty-eight years.

As I watch my daughter compete, I am reminded of two life lessons.

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