Spring Yard Clean Up Tips

• Inspect all shrubbery and trees for broken branches, rubbing limbs, winter damaged area (desiccated foliage being held)
• Rake out areas of snow mold from lawn
• Cut back woody perennials and herbs to the ground or strong buds to encourage plant to send up healthy new season growth
• Cut back roses to a healthy, viable outer bud on a cane
• Rake debris from beds and lawn areas
• Cut lawn to 2”
• Fertilize shrubbery, trees, the lawn and perennials with fertilizer suitable for each
• Do NOT prune spring flowering shrubs until they are post-bloom
• Top-dress vegetable gardens with compost or manure
• Power wash and seal (if necessary) hard surfaces such as patios, walks, driveways, and fences
• Bring out hoses; check all connections for leaks
• Clean the gutters; clean the windows; repair trellising, gates, etc.
• Sharpen gardening tools and disinfect with a light bleach and water solution; dry and oil tools afterward
• Evaluate lawn for early season weeds and treat now before getting out of control
• Now is the ideal time for renovative pruning; cut shrub type Lilacs by one-third and forego the blooms in order to control plant size

Written by: Rick Huffman, CSP, Director of Landscape Management

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