July 22 - Saving Emerald Ash Trees

You may have heard of the past devastation of Ohio elm trees. Another tree variety which faces a similar doom is the Emerald Ash Borer. Destruction is preventable – and costs a lot less than removing and replacing a tree. The Pattie Group has 2 year cycle treatments available right now and a new, less expensive 3 year cycle treatment is being tested with great results right here in Northeast Ohio. Treatments can only work if we all pay attention, take the responsibility to care and invest in these important and highly populated trees. Please care, and demand your municipality care. You may take the Ash for granted now,....but you will certainly notice & miss them when they are gone. Consider preventative treatments for your own Emerald Ash trees and save your trees - and money! Contact The Pattie Group for a tree health consult by our arborists today.

Read more about Ash Trees flourishing on Cleveland’s West side thanks to preventative treatments:

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