How to Hire the Right Landscape Firm to Provide Winter Services

  1. Professional experience and training. Is this company licensed and bonded? Do you feel you can trust them on your property? You should hire only experienced and professional experts who understand the particulars of winter services such as snow plowing, deer netting, season pruning, and home improvement projects.


Fall Landscaping Tips Ensure a Beautiful Spring

Many people think of autumn as the end of the growing season. But as fall approaches, there are several tips a homeowner should take to prolong the growing season and ensure a picturesque garden the following spring. Here are some autumn-time suggestions from the horticultural experts at The Pattie Group, an award-winning landscape design firm based in Novelty, Ohio.


Brighten Your Garden for Winter

The fall season in Northeast Ohio is beautiful. The leaves transition through numerous colors of red, yellow, orange and more. Once they fall to the ground, though, it’s a much different story. The most common colors NE Ohioans see is white and brown. How can you brighten up your garden and landscape this winter?


Quick Snow Removal Tips

Here a few quick tips to remember when removing snow and ice from your property.

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What We Do Differently. ..Becoming a Northcoast 99 Top Workplace

That Pattie Group has recently been named as one of Northcost 99 Top Workplace in Cleveland OH. We’ve been asked several times “What makes The Pattie Group Inc. different? What do you do that earned you a place as one of the top 99?” We thought we would share with you some of the things we do differently.


How to Avoid a Tacky Yard

Here are a few tips to keep your neighbors happy and avoid a tacky yard.


The Benefits of Dormant Pruning

Although it may seem that winter isn’t a good time to do much of anything in the landscape, it is a great time to tackle pruning chores.


The Pattie Group Suggests Winterizing Trees and Shrubs

Winter can be very stressful on trees and shrubs. Extreme temperatures, strong winds, heavy snow and ice storms can all take a toll.


What is a Design Consultation?

Our process begins with a free on site consultation with one of our distinguished Project Directors, who are landscape design or architecturally degreed, and have spent years coordinating, designing and overseeing residential and commercial design-build projects. Our Project Directors become your point person from conception to reality and walk you through every step of the science, artistry and craftsmanship that goes along with it.

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Why You Should Have a Home Generator

Standby home generators are back up electrical systems that work as your home’s instant “Plan B” power source.


Required Employee Education Without the Big Price Tag

Why don't companies require all employees to continue to grow while employed? In-house training programs and required continuing education doesn't have to be hard to implement, or costly. In fact, it can be quite simple and it benefits everyone involved, employees, employers and the clientele.


Garage Storage Solutions

If your garage has become a domestic dumping ground, it’s time to shift gears. Today, a blog provided
 by Encore Garage of Ohio owner and Cleveland organizing guru Mike Padden.


Tips for Planning a Great Outdoor Event

Are you ready for your next summer party? Here are a few ideas to ensure you are prepared and can fully enjoy the event with your guests.


Managing Small Business HR Internally

Typically, companies with 50 or less employees don’t really need a full-scale Human Resources department rather the “HR task” can be handled by the owner with the assistance of the office manager or an outside service. Small businesses with 50-150 employees usually need an employee dedicated to Human Resources. That’s where you come in!


Kid Friendly Yard Ideas

In an effort to encourage children and adults to be more active outdoors, one should consider installing spaces for play. Creating and defining such spaces makes the backyard enticing to be in. Great lessons and memories are waiting outdoors. Here are some ideas of spaces to install.


Tips for Repelling and Eliminating Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Before implementing any of these tips or spending time in your yard where mosquitoes might still exist, be sure to protect yourself. Use sprays, lotions, clothing, and other mosquito repellents to prevent painful bites and the spreading of diseases.


Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System

The number one killer of plant material in Northeast Ohio is under or over watering. Don’t put your plants’ necessary horticultural care in the hands of plumbers or pipe-layers. Trust the most critical plant need to the nationally certified horticulture and irrigation experts at The Pattie Group Inc.


Life Lessons from the Track

My high school age daughter runs track and field. She participates in multiple events but the hurdle race is where she shines. This season, she broke the school record in the 100 meter hurdles which hadn’t been beat in twenty-eight years.

As I watch my daughter compete, I am reminded of two life lessons.

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How to Find a Quality Landscape Company

When it comes to hiring a landscape company to do an installation, or help you with the maintenance on your property, there are countless companies to choose from. But how do you know if you have contracted with a quality firm? Ultimately, most customers are looking for that one special company that has honesty and integrity, listens to their needs, is upfront about costs, and has the expertise and artistic talents to do quality work.


Spring Yard Clean Up Tips

• Inspect all shrubbery and trees for broken branches, rubbing limbs, winter damaged area (desiccated foliage being held)
• Rake out areas of snow mold from lawn
• Cut back woody perennials and herbs to the ground or strong buds to encourage plant to send up healthy new season growth


Does Landscaping Increase Property Values?

These days, smart homeowners realize that one of the best ways to increase their property’s value by 15 percent or more is to renovate the landscape, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of pure profit. Here are four landscape projects that reap lush rewards when it comes to boosting the property value.


The True Value of Outdoor Spaces

As I meet with potential Pattie Group customers throughout Northeast Ohio, one thing is clear, for too long we have overlooked the critical importance and positive impact outdoor spaces have on our families, our health, and our well being.


Deer Control in Ohio

Unfortunately in Northeast Ohio, there is no such thing as a deer-proof landscape. Even the best designer who chooses plants the deer “don’t like” cannot keep a starving herd from eating whatever is necessary for them to survive. That’s why we practice several prevention methods to aid your landscape’s defense. Our plant health care team can add monthly deer and rabbit repellent applications to your vulnerable plant material. During the fall and winter, our installation of deer netting can help to assure you have plants left when spring arrives.


Go Green

Sustainability is based on the principle that everything we need for survival directly or indirectly depends on our natural environment. It calls for humans and nature to exist in productive harmony fulfilling the social, economic and other needs for present and future generations. Sustainability is important to make sure we have and will continue to have, the water, materials, and resources to protect human health and our environment.

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