Garden & Softscape Design

Planted gardens have long been the inspiration for painters, artists, musicians, and poets…and rightfully so. It’s easy to see how a beautiful garden could inspire the rest of us as well. It is in the gardens that breathtaking colors and textures are blended together to create a view to be enjoyed year round, season after season, growing even more striking with age.

Garden Design with White Pergola The Pattie Group’s designers, horticulturists and landscape experts are skilled with a deep knowledge and understanding of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, herbs, and even vegetables and other edibles. We know what color the plants are, which conditions they grow best, when they bloom, and how tall they will grow. We evaluate drainage, soil, sun exposure, future plans, climate, space, and wildlife during the design process. Plantings must be evaluated individually and collectively creating a masterful, artistic composition that compliment, soften and frame your home and outdoor spaces. And in Northeast Ohio where for nearly six months a year we deal with snow, cold and cloud coverage, a magnificent balance of evergreen and deciduous is crucial to a landscape that truly delivers year round color and interest.

Whether you want a welcoming garden with colorful and dynamic blossoms for cut flower arrangements, or a secret garden with shrubbery, trees, and tall grasses to create privacy, we can help you achieve those goals. Some clients desire a chef’s gardens with vegetables, berries, and herbs, while others want a naturally growing, easy-to-maintain garden with its own charm and character. Whatever it is, we will work with you based on your ideas, needs, lifestyle, and goals to create a garden which will bloom from spring to fall with splendidly changing colors and textures, transforming into a magical winter wonderland when the snow falls.

Customized Gardens to Meet Your Desires:
  • New, Renovations and Restorations
  • Low Maintenance
  • Natural, Formal or Semi-formal
  • Four Season Color
  • Themed, Historical Period or Cultural Gardens
  • Sustainable, Ecological and Rain Gardens
  • Roof Top Gardens and Live Roofs
  • Vegetable, Edible, Herb and Kitchen Gardens
  • Sensory and Healing Gardens
  • Water Gardens
  • Butterfly and Bird Gardens
  • Sculpture Gardens
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