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January 29 - Tips on Getting Hired

  1. DO YOUR RESEARCH - Don’t blindly send out resumes without ever looking at the company website and job descriptionCompare your skills with those abilities needed for the job you want.  Look at the companies values and culture. Are they a good match for you?  Be prepared to talk about where you excel in your skills and where you may need more training.  It’s ok not to be perfect at everything in but the key is knowing your weaknesses and showing that you are willing to work on them.
  2. APPEARANCE - Dress professionally and dress the part. If the company seems to be more casual, clean jeans and polo may suffice but if you are walking in to a bank wear that suit and tie. The key is to look neat clean and presentable. Get rid of gum or cigarettes and lay off the heavy perfume and jewelry… less is more.
  3. HANDSHAKE and EYE CONTACT  COUNT - Develop a firm handshake, and maintain eye contact with people as you talk with them. 1st impressions are everything and you only get one shot to stand out above the rest.
  4. TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE - Before you meet someone for an interview, turn off and put away your cellular phone, and electronic devices.  There is nothing more disrespectful than taking a personal call when you should be concentrating on the task at hand.  
  5. BE ON TIME OR BETTER YET BE 10 MINUTES EARLY - Be on time for an interview and be courteous to everyone you meet . You never know who can influence a hiring decision. If you are going somewhere new map the route ahead of time.  Also watch for weather and traffic conditions and plan accordingly. If you are running late, call ahead and let them know.  Its all about respecting the other persons time. 
  6. HONESTY MATTERS! - Be honest about your work experience and your skills. Don't exaggerate! Be prepared to give examples of how you successfully demonstrated your skills at past jobs. Never bad-mouth a former employer or co-workers - it's a small world and your potential employer may know them. 
  7. BE ENTHUSIASTIC! - Show interest and enthusiasm to the potential employer about the job you're discussing. Do your homework on the business and its products and services. Research its web site and brochures, and examine newspaper articles about the organization. Talk to people who work for the company or one like it. If your not excited for the opportunity they won’t be excited about you.
  8. ASK QUESTIONS- the interview isn't just for the company to decide if you’re the right fit. It is also for you to gather information to determine if this is a company you can see yourself at.  Be prepared with a pen and a  pad and take notes during the interview. Be ready to ask your own questions to get to know the company and their culture. 

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