Floral Color & Holiday Displays

If you’ve ever passed The Pattie Group headquarters in the spring time or around the holidays, you know our capabilities with seasonal floral color and holiday displays. Strategically placed annuals and perennials can turn an ordinary garden into a show stopper. From open bed areas to effectively placed, dynamic potting arrangements, window planters and décor, your home can become the definition of year round color. Our expertise with perennials, annuals, and bulbs assures all plants are positioned to meet ideal sun, moisture, and space requirements. We also can provide annual deadheading, timely fertilization and perennial division as needed.


When it comes to the holidays, we go all out! We can dynamically transform your home into a festive destination with timely displays and color change outs. Consider red, white and blue potting arrangements and annual installations for Memorial and Independence Days. Autumn and Halloween favorites are Purple spot lights, ghosts, pumpkins, scarecrows, wagon wheels, cornstalks, colorful mums and cabbages. Don’t forget that fall bulb plantings will add a little color and stop traffic come spring. Christmas displays simply and tastefully done to add a little touch of holiday flair or the full on Christmas light displays will prompt drive-by viewings throughout the season. If you’re hosting a wedding in your yard, let us design your landscaping with the bride and groom’s colors. With our amazing team of artistic designers and installation professionals, we can color your world through all seasons and any occasion.

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