Horticultural Hand Pruning

The quickest way to know if you’re working with a tree and shrub expert is to ask about his or her pruning practices. If electric hedge trimmers are brought up, you have the wrong company. Sheering plants is one of the most widely used practices by “landscapers” despite the fact that it’s one of the most detrimental and unhealthy treatments plants can undergo. In fact, sheered plants can take years to regain natural shape, restore vitality and fully recover from damage.

The Pattie Group Expert Pruning a TreeIn contrast, The Pattie Group’s teams are certified in horticultural hand pruning. Our experts understand precisely how and when to prune your plants. Thus, pruning is an ongoing practice throughout the year (including during the dormant season) − not a once-per-season service. Horticultural hand pruning selectively removes dead and diseased branching to maintain the plant’s natural shape and growing habit and to promote better plant health and more substantial bloom periods. Our team will only sheer formal Boxwood, Privet and Taxus hedges to appropriately maintain sculpted shape. Proper pruning is vital to tree and shrub health – it is equal part art and science – so don’t leave your investments to electric trimmers.

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