Irrigation System Management

Irrigation Start Ups and Shut Downs
Proper start ups and shut downs are vital to assure your landscape thrives and your system functions for years to come. We start up and inspect your system thoroughly in the spring and blow it out, winterize and properly prepare it for winter.

Repairs and Adjustments
A problem in your irrigation system not only costs you wasted water and energy but can also jeopardize the health of your landscape. Our professionals have extensive experience in locating, identifying and resolving all types of irrigation issues and are outfitted to make immediate repairs.

Comprehensive Irrigation Management Programs
Irrigation systems should not be set in spring and never checked again. A landscape has different water requirements at different times of the year. The requirements in May are totally different than July or August and change again the Fall. The weather and precipitation changes constantly in Cleveland, and our Irrigation Management program assures a close eye is kept on what is happening on your property. Throughout the varying demands of the season our team will adjust the clock, heads, and nozzles accordingly. Heads need adjusted throughout the year as plants grow and change. In Spring, perennials are not yet in their full glory, but come late June a large, fully leaved-out Hosta could block the irrigation stream from an adjacent irrigation head, preventing other plants from getting watered appropriately. Only a well-trained team can catch, correct and adjust your system. We custom create packages for you and your budget to assure we are keeping regular tabs on your system and making the proper clock and head adjustments for you as needed.

Irrigation Systems include:
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits
  • Plants and lawn inspections
  • Rain gauges, installation and precipitation monitoring
  • Deep soil probes and moisture content monitoring
  • Irrigation head adjustments
  • Repairs, as necessary
  • Controller battery replacement
  • Fine tuning of operation time with seasonal temperature changes
  • Spray pattern adjustments
  • Nozzle updates and precipitation rate adjustments to account for microclimates within a zone
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