Mulch & Soil Applications

Soil quality is an important factor in garden and plant performance and too often it is neglected. Properly applied leaf compost, peat moss, mulch and growing medium mixtures add critical organic materials into your soil.

When applied as top coating to your beds, soil amendments help maintain moisture and protect the delicate surface feeder roots of your plants. They also prevent soil erosion and can help inhibit weed growth, especially when a pre-emergent is applied in advance. Together they work to keep your beds looking clean and crisp throughout the year.

Mulch around Hardscape

Our standard mulch mix is a blend of double shredded hardwood bark and leaf compost, and we’re happy to accommodate any request. Full compost, triple shredded finer blends, Sweet Peet®, woodchips, and reluctantly, the dyed and colored blends are all available depending on your horticultural needs.

Whether your beds need their annual mulch top coating or some serious amendment, our teams are well trained to execute as you desire and your property needs. We also offer a soil testing service for those troublesome areas where nothing wants to grow where it should.

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