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Our process begins with a free on site consultation with one of our distinguished Project Directors, who are landscape design or architecturally degreed, and have spent years coordinating, designing and overseeing residential and commercial design-build projects. Our Project Directors become your point person from conception to reality and walk you through every step of the science, artistry and craftsmanship that goes along with it. 

During this initial consultation, we walk your property with you and discuss your needs, desires and goals. We share photos of our work to help give you some ideas and show you our limitless capabilities. Next, we take you through our design questionnaire to ask questions about you and your project from your favorite colors, season and plants, to how you entertain and to whom. We’ll discuss the different elements that you would like to see in your design.

We view our interactions with our clients as an exchange of ideas that lead to a partnership, but when it comes to this critical sit down with you, it’s all about listening. We want to know you and your family, and understand how you use the yard now, and peer into the future with you as to how you will use it years later. We want to know the things you like and don’t like, so we are creating a design and plan that fits your needs and your lifestyle.

Finally, we spend time discussing your budget for the project: we don’t take this topic lightly like some firms which return with a plan that exceeds the means, desires and pocketbook. Over-budget isn’t productive for anyone and delays you from achieving your goals, so we discuss it early on. In doing so, we show you how we can control the costs of a project and discuss important options like phasing a project over time. At the conclusion of this meeting, we provide a proposal for the design and hope to welcome you as our newest client!
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Upon your consent, our award winning design team executes the site study and analysis. They measure and locate the home or building, including doors, windows, downspouts, spigots, driveways, and take an inventory of the existing plant material. Anything that falls within the work zone is studied. We shoot grades so we understand water flow, step needs and grade changes. Once in a while, we may need to order a survey. Unlike many landscape designers, our team considers the locations of windows or spigots so that in five years, your plants haven’t grown over either blocking views or limiting access to your hose. Nobody studies your property like we do, and it shows in the timeless beauty and functionality of our designs.

Once the info is gathered, our team assembles to generate ideas. We create the first conceptual plans and all the associated breathtaking goodies to visually walk you through and show you what your finished project will look like. Using the design, we work up some general installation cost outlines and meet with you to explain the design, review the installation process, the many choices you have, and the associated costs with those choices. And, again we sit and listen to your feedback.

Most often our clients love our design and approach to the project, occasionally they have a few revisions they’d like to make. When you hire The Pattie Group, you are hiring a company that works with you until you like it; aesthetically, functionally and budgetarily.
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With a plan you like and a construction outline you are comfortable with, we proceed to the final phase of planning. With The Pattie Group, you never have to worry about your project being stuck in the city permitting process. We get it through quickly and effectively, preserving your valuable time, and with as little cost to you as possible. we handle all necessary permitting and zoning requirements with your city, township or county for our clients. On your own, or with an inexperienced professional, it can be a painstaking, exhaustive and expensive process.

We have worked in every area of Northeast Ohio, are on a first name basis with many of the individuals holding the keys to approval, and maintain detailed information on the requirements of each city. Often, because we do things right, you’ll even find your city will recommend us or list as one of their few preferred contractors. To obtain permits, or clear zoning we often need to execute the necessary construction details and drawings that they require for structures and surfaces, grading and drainage, underground infrastructure such as lighting and plumbing and our team is exceptional at it. We also have experience with the Army Corp of Engineers in dealing with lakefront and cliff side properties, break walls, wetlands preservation and mitigation.
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Once you give the go ahead on the installation of your project, you are in for a real treat because our installation staff is second to none. Before the project even begins on site, an incredible amount of work happens behind the scenes. By the time our crews show up on site, everything is in place, everyone knows what their doing, every question answered, every possibility considered and you see instant progress. The result is a project that happens with precision craftsmanship and maximum efficiency.

During the project you will receive regular communication and walkthroughs as needed on progress from both the Project Director and Project Manager. Each day the site will be straightened up, tools packed, equipment appropriately parked, caution tape (when applicable) run, and the drive left clean. At project completion a final walkthrough will be done with you to assure you understand everything we have done: including operation of various features, watering requirements, proper pruning and maintenance requirements, what to expect through the acclimation period of your plants, anything left we need to address. We’ll even provide your very own homeowners guide to help you once our team departs.

But don’t worry, that won’t be the last you hear from us! We will continue to monitor your landscape over the next several weeks and months to assure there are no settling issues, plants are acclimating well, drainage is working appropriately, and no issues are arising.

By this time we hope we have blown you away with our service, professionalism and quality. And, as a result our maintenance department is taking over the care and nurturing of your new outdoor setting so it realizes its full potential. Either way, we will be sure to keep in touch, keep an eye on things, and honor our commitment to stand behind our work and assure your investment provides years of beauty and enjoyment.
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