Past, Present & Future

From Seed to Flower

It all began with an entrepreneurial eleven year-old and his seven year-old partner hustling the hot summers away, mowing lawns and doing little landscape projects in their Cleveland Heights neighborhood. Within two years, the pair had driven away all of professional competition. It was early in these sweat-filled days that Steve Pattie – with grass-stained knees – uncovered his passion for landscaping and business. Throughout high school and college, Steve Pattie and his hired hands (often his brothers) worked long and hard to please their many customers. What started out as a way to make a few bucks was blossoming like an Azalea in springtime into a serious and viable business.

Soon after college, Steve armed with big dreams and an incredible eye for design paired with his wife Linda Pattie – a talented artist and landscape designer –and together, they began to take the company beyond its maintenance roots by designing and installing some of the area’s finest landscapes. Over the years, the company continued to grow, gaining a reputation not only for breathtaking work but also an exceptional team of experts and customer care second to none.

In 1995, the company created “Paradise Falls,” a show garden for the Cleveland Home and Flower Show which, at the time, was the largest indoor garden ever designed and constructed in North America. That garden was so spectacular, it solidified in the mind of the public that there was nothing The Pattie Group couldn’t create. The company has been growing ever since.

50 Years In the Making

Today, Linda acts as the company's senior landscape designer. She continues to design breathtaking landscapes for Ohio residents and business owners that have garnered national acclaim for both her and the company. Steve has retired, he says. He is still our go-to for insight, guidance and wisdom.  He does a lot of coaching and training within the organization as well. Steve has his landscape industry certification (CLP) and is a two-time past President & Lifetime Achievement Award winner with The Ohio Landscape Association (OLA). He has served on the board, numerous steering committees and been a noted speaker for our national green industry association, the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET). He also has guided and consulted for hundreds of industry neophytes & up-and-comers across the country.  You simply can't put a value on his 50 years of experience, the ongoing importance he has to this very respected and unique family business and the impact & legacy he has left on the entire green industry.

All in the Family

Steve and Linda's two sons have been running the business along side their father for nearly two decades and have purchased controlling ownership. President Jonas G. Pattie has his landscape industry certification (CLP), a degree in landscape design and a lifetime of watching the creation of beautiful outdoor spaces, Jonas has taken the reigns as one of the company's most driving, visionary and creative minds. Aside from Steve, no one in company history has directed more award winning projects than he has. He is extremely involved in our marketing efforts, and has been a major contributor in assembling & developing the team, systems & processes that make up The Pattie Group today.

Executive Vice President, Brian Pattie also has his landscape industry certification (CLT) and a degree in business from Baldwin Wallace.  Brian is the leader of The Pattie Group’s field operations. He oversees, coaches and directs the field teams serving both the east & west side of Cleveland and there is hardly a role in the company he has not worked in. He works hand in hand with Jonas and the rest of the management team overseeing all facets of company performance and is involved in every decision. Brian is the calming reality check to Jonas' fire and passion resulting in an incredibly dynamic duo. The two brothers also started The Pattie Group’s sister company LandsKeepers, which offers landscape maintenance for commercial properties.

This passionate family with their creative inclinations and landscape expertise, partners with an amazing assembly of managers and world class landscape talent that assures a bright future for this company for many more generations to come.