Plant Healthcare & Fertilization

Healthy Plants near Patio Plant Healthcare and Fertilization is one of the most critical and overlooked of all the incredible services our company offers. Specialized applications of nutrients and fertilizers give your trees and shrubs ideal conditions to flourish with health and beauty for years to come. To develop the best approach, we analyze soil conditions via soil tests to access hidden information about your soil, beds, and plants. This critical information helps us create custom programs which specifically cater to your site conditions and plant material needs.

Our licensed Plant Healthcare specialist inspects in a program including six visits to watch for disease and pest outbreaks. If and when we spot problems, we treat them individually and specifically – like a sniper – as opposed to the “atomic bomb approach” which blankets broad-spectrum treatments over the entire area. This is the proper and responsible way to execute pest control. It is better for our environment and helps to preserve our bee and beneficial insect populations, not to mention it is safer for your family and pets.

Occasionally our clients have an issue with a tree or plant which can’t be diagnosed in the field. Using additional horticultural experts back in office and our industry partners, such as the Holden Arboretum and The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute, you can be sure we will find the answers and solutions necessary to diagnose and properly treat the issue.

Our Plant Healthcare program includes inspection based on every plant’s unique weaknesses and susceptibilities − and hundreds of other issues common to our area:

Leaf Being Eaten by Bug

Winter Transfilm
protects your broadleaf evergreens, such as Holly and Rhododendron, from winter burn caused by ice, snow and our harsh winter winds.

Apple Scab causes flowering and fruit-bearing trees, such as crabapples and apple trees, to drop leaves as early in season (around July) and through the rest of the year. It’s common problem on older varieties which can be managed with timely prevention measures.

Viburnum Leaf BeetleViburnum Leaf Beetles skeletize and defoliate your Viburnum leaves in a matter of days. Without immediate treatment of the larvae, the life of your plant is at risk.

Pine Tip Borer make the top layer of your Pine or Spruce trees to die. Preventative treatments are available to stop destruction before it can happen.

Emerald Ash Borers are wiping out Ash trees across the country.
Before this tree goes the way of Elms, our experts can take
Leaf Partially Eaten by Bugpreventative measures on your beloved trees.

Lace Bugs
literally suck the color out of Azalea, Rhododendron and Pieris leaves resulting in washed out and speckled greens or yellows. The damage can be lasting over several seasons if left untreated.

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