The Value of Design/ Build

In the past ten years, the annual volume of design/build contracts has grown from $6 billon to over $60 billion, according to the Design/Build Institute of America. This process is one that brings together all the necessary experts, forming a team at the very beginning of a project. The team typically consists of Project Directors, landscape architects or designers, and installation crews. In some instances, these teams expand to include Engineers, Architects and builders. One of the greatest benefits of design/build process is that it insures integrity and completion of functional, practical, creative designs & installations that are on time and on budget.


The Design/Build process provides clients with accurate estimates and project timelines early on in the process to give you the information you need to make educated decisions. Having all the information up front allows decisions to be made more quickly, which speeds up the alternative design-bid and build process saving time and money. After all, beautiful designs over budget never become a reality.

With a design/build firm, the designers, Project Directors and installation experts all work together in harmony with one focused goal: to create a landscape which exceeds the client’s needs and wants, while staying within the budget. A large amount of unforeseen problems can be heeded off when all the experts are on the same team upfront and collectively. Before the construction even begins, the potential issues have been thought through and resolved. In the rare event that something does arise, there is no finger pointing. Everyone was involved from the beginning and has a vested interest in solving the problem quickly and with the least amount of cost and pain to the client.


The most beneficial aspect to the client regarding the design-build process is that it allows the client to have a unified, single source of accountability ― substantially reducing the client’s risk. There is one person you can call to talk about all aspects of your project. The Project Director knows your job and works in unison with the design staff and construction crew to be sure your needs are communicated and met. Through highly effective in-house communication comes the most efficient use of dollars, quick and proper solutions, integrated and accurate cost estimating and quality control, streamlined scheduling and a superior value engineering of your project.


Benefits of Design/Build Include:
  • Integrity of design intent
  • One point of contact throughout project
  • Direct contact and education on options and cost breakdowns to choose from
  • Accurate estimates and project timelines very early on
  • Designers and installers on the same team leads to superior cooperation
  • Experts on the front end of the project means less surprises during the project
  • Everyone works together to minimize lost time and additional project cost
  • Lower overall design fees because less detail is needed for an install staff that works regularly with and has consistent access to the designer
  • Proven to successfully provide clients with the highest quality product at a much lower cost
  • Greatly streamlined process resulting in faster turnaround times, and faster project completion
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