Our Values

Strong Values

Our slogan and mission statement.

The Pattie Group is built on strong, traditional values and ethics. If you place your trust in us, we will honor it. If we make a promise, we will keep it. And if we make a mistake, we will fix it.

We treat our clients, staff, and all we encounter the way they desire and deserve to be treated. We bend over backwards to be sure you have had an enjoyable experience with The Pattie Group. It is not a ploy, a strategy or marketing speak. It is just the right thing to do ― in business and in life.


Only Mother Nature Does It Better™

What started as a clever marketing slogan nearly 30 years ago has become synonymous with our company. It is our promise of unrivaled excellence to our customers, a demand for it from our employees and our overall guiding statement of our purpose. When you hire The Pattie Group, you have hired the best, and if you work here, we expect and demand your best.

Mission Statement

'Our mission is to demonstrate and encourage Christian values and ethics in a work environment where safety and individual growth is promoted through training, goal setting and employee involvement. We strive to be the best at exceeding the needs and desires of our clients by designing, producing and maintaining unique, colorful and functional living environments that are structurally, horticulturally and environmentally sound. We pursue continuous improvement in our efficiency and effectiveness while maintaining high integrity and remembering the value of helping our employees to enjoy their work and have fun.'

Core Values

The Pattie Experience – We aim to deliver a "Wow" experience on all levels of personal interaction with our company. We do this through our incredible expertise, unmatched service, excellence in design, horticulture and craftsmanship and the general way in which we treat customers, co-workers, vendors, and partners. To WOW, you must differentiate yourself, be innovative, be unconventional. We are not your average company, we do not do average work, and we do not have average people.

Planting Ideas for a Better Life™ – We are not in the business of selling plants, soil, mulch, stone and rock. Those are mediums we weave together to create the overall feeling of our artful, beautiful and functional living masterpieces. More importantly our work centers on improving quality of life. We create spaces for families that allow them to spend time together, to play together and enjoy the outdoors together. They are tranquil, peaceful places that allow people to connect with nature and cause the stresses of everyday life to disappear. Our services allow our customers to spend time on family, friends or other things they enjoy. Finally, our work has an impact on the environment, and we are stewards of it. Our work improves soil, air and water quality, reduces erosion and energy use, provides shade, protection and habitat, nurtures and strengthens our valuable trees and plant life, and leaves a lasting legacy on our beautiful Earth.

Dynamic, Innovative, & Distinctive – Our team and our work is dynamic, innovative and distinctive. We look for unique ideas and solutions in our work and within our processes. Leading companies don’t follow the path others have taken, they blaze their own. We are not a cookie-cutter company, and neither are our landscape creations or approach to service. We want our people to be creative, push the envelope and explore what’s possible. With this approach we aim to stand out from the crowd while having an easily recognizable, timeless and breathtaking flare that immediately identifies it as a Pattie Group piece of horticultural mastery and art.

Passionate People - The Pattie Group values passionate people and we continue to fill our company with them. People that love what they do care on a deeper level, they go the extra mile, they strive for and pursue perfection. Passion inspires people, it makes the mind race with new and innovative ideas, and it causes the heart to pump with contagious excitement and optimism. People and their passion are the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

Teamwork - Nearly 30 years ago, our company was known as “Pattie’s Landscaping, Inc.”. As the vision and values were being laid out in earnest for the first time, the importance and concept of “team” was viewed as so crucial to the future of this family-owned business, that the name was changed to The Pattie Group, Inc. Teamwork permeates everything we do - every design, every project, each beautiful property we maintain. We move together, grow together, achieve together, and it is so rooted in who we are that it defined our name. That’s how teamwork is viewed in this company. As Ryunosuke Satoro said, “Individually we are a drop. Together we are an ocean.”

Diligence & Determination – One of the seven heavenly virtues, diligence, is what we expect from our staff on all levels and we believe it to be a virtue that leads to sound, moral character. Our people are expected to give a constant and earnest 110% effort to finish that which is started and keep commitments to our customers and to each other. We strive to be a no excuses company that will not settle for mediocre, nor crumble in the face of obstacles and adversity.

Honesty & Integrity – As hard as we try, no one is perfect and neither are we. Everyone makes mistakes, but how we handle those mistakes is what distinguishes us. You can rest assured that The Pattie Group will always treat you with honesty and integrity. We promise to earn your trust and to do what is right. We expect our people to be straight forward, honest and execute with an unwavering faith and trust in one another. It is a path that leads to strong, meaningful relationships with an emotional connection. And more importantly, it is just the right way to be.

Charity & Kindness – We are and will remain a company that cares about people and exemplifies love, compassion and kindness internally and externally. We are a company that gives back and helps others who may need it. We as a company and the people employed here will strive to pay forward the many blessings we are fortunate to receive, helping to make the world around us a better place.

Humility – We believe that building good relationships and being respectful is an essential component to our ongoing success as a company. While we celebrate our individual and team achievements and work hard to differentiate ourselves amidst a crowded field, we are not arrogant nor do we treat people differently than how we would want to be treated. We have a quiet air of confidence about us, as we know there are always challenges that must be overcome. We believe, however, that our character will always speak for itself.

Personal Growth & Continuous Improvement – Whether an employee spends a day, a year, or a decade with our company, they are going to grow while being here. We are a learning company and we have a learning culture. Stagnation of the mind leads to stagnation of the heart and soul. To be a leader or master of our craft, we must be ever the students, seeking to be on the cutting edge of greater knowledge and skill.

Safety – Our people are our lifeline, and protecting them and keeping them safe on the job and in life is of paramount importance in our company. If any employee, anywhere, on any job sees an unsafe condition or action they have the power and obligation to stop it immediately. If a team member is in trouble personally, our company will always do everything we can to help them. We will employ people who exhibit care and concern for those around them and believe in the importance of getting everyone home safe, every day.

Family First - There is nothing more important in life than family. As a family-owned and -operated business we place a high value on the importance of family both internally and externally. The Pattie Group and the people that make it up are our professional family. We work together, play together, succeed and fail together. Family is the reason we all work so hard, and it is the reason we can't wait to get home when the work is done. The things that happen at work impact our home life. And equally, the support, love and sacrifices at home directly impact our business. We try to foster an environment that strikes the right balance at work and at home, so as to keep both vibrant and strong. In life, you truly have nothing if you do not have your family.

Having Fun – We take the work we do seriously, and it is easy to fall into the trap of forgetting to have fun. The work we do IS fun. We make things beautiful and we get to enjoy God’s natural wonders. We nurture and watch our gardens over long periods and see the impact our work has on people and places. We strive to be a company where we are able to embrace the fun in what we do. A company where we can laugh at ourselves and more importantly be ourselves. It is that genuineness that allows us to tap into the uniqueness and creative talent of every person in our company and it is that which makes us great.

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Values are ideals that give significance to our lives, that are reflected through the priorities we choose, and that we act on consistently and repeatedly. Brian P. Hall