Drainage & Grading Installation

The Pattie Group has been called upon to solve the most devastating and complicated water issues in the area. Our early involvement with architects and builders has saved thousands of our area’s valuable trees.

Water is of one the most destructive elements on Earth. Management of water through grading and drainage must be considered for any project on your property. Too often, it is overlooked, missed or improperly handled. Improper grading and drainage installation is the top reason structures, walls and driveways fail, basements flood and wet areas stand in your yard and lawn.

Improper grading doesn’t only create water damage. Three to five years after a construction project, existing established trees often die in yards that have undergone inconsiderate or improper grading. In fact, 90% of existing trees that die in these cases could have been saved with proper grading and up-front tree protection. Sadly too many “experts” in the landscape, building and construction industry lack the expertise to properly analyze, design and install proper drainage solutions or execute proper grading.

The only way to ensure your trees remain healthy after a new construction project is to protect them in advance The area beneath the tree from trunk to drip line must remain undisturbed and the existing grade must be respected & maintained. The drip line is the perimeter made by the tree’s branch canopy overhead and delineates the reach of the roots in the ground. If too many of the roots of any tree are disturbed, cut, compacted or ripped, the tree dies.

The Pattie Group is exceptional at tree protection if involved early on and before construction begins. By assisting in grading plan design, and using strategic fencing techniques, we prevent tree’s drip line area from disturbance. Our expert installers monitor grade change, root zone compaction and even keep equipment or building materials from being stored under a desired tree. If you are building a new home or executing a major addition or construction project and need to fully protect your valuable trees, involve us before you begin. Adding some fertilizer after the damage is done cannot save them.



The Pattie Group eliminates standing water in your yard and lawn by grading and draining to direct water away from the home and property structures. To accomplish this, we execute a thorough site study of existing conditions, noting where water originates, how it flows through your yard and where it collects. To thoroughly study and manage the water, we shoot grades and execute a topographical analysis.

We aim to solve as many issues above ground with proper grading before moving on to underground methods using drain tile. Proper grading is always the best and most reliable way to address water runoff. Drain tile is a great secondary option but we must have a logical, law-abiding way to handle the amount of water being directed. Additionally, drain tile must be regularly inspected, cleaned and maintained to continue reliable operation.

Some cities will not allow water to be directed into storm sewers or downspouts. Some wet locations on properties are considered wetland areas and come with laws and regulations requiring involvement with the Army Corps of Engineers. The Pattie Group has extensive experience in navigating and mitigating water regulation in all areas of Northeast Ohio.

Some water issues are more common and seen more often; yet it is amazing how often construction is done incorrectly. Proper pitch and drainage around driveways and patios are critical to keep water from collecting on or under them. When building dry-stacked or masonry retaining walls, drain tile must be behind them or they will fail from the pressure buildup.

Wet areas of the yard can be addressed in a variety of ways, grading or drain tile are often possible, but sometimes when grades are tight and there is not enough pitch, the creation of a swale or creek bed to allow water to move through and escape the property may be needed. Embracing the situation and installing a rain garden to naturally absorb and use the runoff can be the best way to improve incessant water problems. Whatever your situation, we can design and implement a solution to eliminate the problem or significantly reduce water’s impact on your property.

Ways to address water:

  • Grading / Drainage / Drain tile
  • Swales / Bio-Swales and Creek Beds
  • De-Tension / Re-Tension / Geo-Ponds
  • Rain Gardens
  • Cistern Collection and Rain Barrels

The regulations surrounding water runoff are constantly changing and The Pattie Group can navigate this with and for you. Laws govern every facet of water management from where water can be taken, how it is managed, how it affects neighboring properties, the chemicals and silt that could be running off, and even the plants and wildlife habitat created by wet locations. The governing goals are to: reduce or slow erosion, improve the quality of water runoff from sites and eliminate or reduce the amount of water running into the city storm sewers. Some newer laws, in cities such as Shaker Heights, are basing tax assessments on property’s amount of non-permeable, solid surfaces that add to ongoing runoff. We make it our job to know how to help you in all of these situations and provide solutions for whatever situation you may have.

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