Fountains, Ponds & Waterfalls

The soothing sound of a cascading waterfall. The soft trickle of a well-placed fountain in your landscape. The flowing images in your private reflection pond.

At The Pattie Group, we love incorporating water into our yard and garden designs. Very few have the capability to design one, let alone mold one into the surrounding environment so naturally it seems as though it was placed there by Mother Nature herself. Fountains, Ponds, Waterfalls: Each brings something unique to your yard; places to play, places to relax, places that soothe and places to reflect.

An artistic focal point fountain, a bubbling rock, ponds large and small, fire and water combinations, water walls or natural stone waterfalls: The Pattie Group is known across the country for our work with water. Our design and installation team will create the right element for your garden, in just the right place, and our incredible installation staff can custom build, fabricate and install it.

Water features span the gamut, and if you can dream it, we can do it. One of our known specialties is our natural stone waterfalls. Our award-winning “natural look” is detailed down to the very moss that grows on the rocks. Each rock is hand placed, mortared in place and chiseled so the water flows just right. Plants creep to the edge and often nip the water's edge for that perfect frame. We don’t use rubber liners, which fail 8-10 years in, nor do we stack loose stone that collapses after one winter. Our water features are solid structures that last a lifetime, not to mention, can run year-round.

Water plants and fish are a welcome addition to any water feature and we can help you introduce an incredible and natural ecosystem for them to flourish. Special considerations must be made when designing a pond to accommodate these two elements, so we’ll ask you to think about this before construction. For large ponds, we can get it stocked with a wide array of fish to make your backyard pond a fisherman’s paradise. For your small pond or reflection pool, we know how to choose interesting and colorful Koi, water lilies and other water-loving plant life.

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Rain drifts forever in this place, tossed from the long white lace. The Falls trail on the black rocks below. And golden-rod and rose-root shake. In wind that they forever make. Andrew Young, The Falls of Glomach