Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

Old Man Winter wreaks havoc on Cleveland-area properties and landscapes. The Pattie Group offers cleanups designed to rejuvenate your property in the spring and, in the fall, prepares it for our brutal Cleveland winters. Leaf and debris removal, pruning of damaged and broken limbs of trees and shrubs, bed edging, and perennial cutbacks are all part of the service.

We know clients like to save money when they can, so during our spring cleanups, The Pattie Group includes an application of pre-emergent weed controls (unless otherwise requested). These prevention methods keep weeds minimized throughout the growing season and save time and money associated with the higher levels of hand weeding that would otherwise be required.

Have you ever had an untrained landscaper pull your favorite perennial flower or mistake your herbs for weeds during a spring cleanup? Unlike many local “landscape companies” our teams have been formally trained in plant differentiation and identification techniques. With The Pattie Group’s highly educated staff, you know your favorite garden flowers will still be there when your bed cleanup and maintenance services are complete.

In the fall, cleanups are crucial to remove leaves, branches and other debris from autumnal blustery and rainy conditions. Our teams also take all of the appropriate preventative measures to help your plants fare the snow and lake effect weather we’re used to in Northeast Ohio. Our clients love to leave the detailed, tedious clean-up to our efficient staff for the bi-annual landscape cleanups.

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