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Your landscape is a big investment: one that lives and breathes. As with all living things, special care and attention are needed in order for it to remain healthy and beautiful. However, "care & attention" are not enough, a lawn and garden must be nurtured and loved by a horticultural expert in order to reach its greatest potential. This is who The Pattie Group is, and this is what we do. We are not a company that strives to mow the most lawns or blow the most leaves. There are plenty of companies that are about speed and volume.  We want to be your personal gardener, your horticultural expert, your proactive problem solver and your first call for anything outside the home.

Our incredible state and nationally-certified Garden Care Professionals and their teams provide you with exceptional horticultural care and maintenance. Your very own personal Garden and Property Manager becomes the coordinator of activities, your point of communication for personal and horticultural care on your property. Having a party? Your Manager will make sure that the yard gets extra-special attention the day before. Going to be out of town? Your Manager will make sure your plants get watered; the mail gets brought in, and will keep an eye on the house, too. Question about something happening in your garden? They will have or find the answers and identify and solve any issue. Looking to add a little annual color in the beds or in some planters on the patio? They'll design and create something breathtaking in your favorite colors and schemes. Most importantly, our team will save you time.  We are here to provide you with a concierge-like service to make your life simple, easy and a bit more beautiful.

Exceptional Value & Affordability
We design our service packages to be flexible to your needs and your budget while being holistic to the requirements of your unique garden and property. We offer easy-to-manage payment schedules using equal monthly installments over 12 or 9 months and discounts or incentives for pre-payments.

With our competitive hourly rates and efficient execution, The Pattie Group is an extraordinary value for the incredible level of personal service and horticultural care your garden and property will receive. This approach leaves the work to us, while you reap the benefits of a yard you love to come home to and added time to do the things you enjoy.

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