Landscape & Exterior Lighting

From light emerges revitalizing energy.

The welcoming cast of artistically placed exterior lighting. The dynamic effects of Mother Nature’s beauties accented during the evening hours. The comforting security of well-lit walkways, driveways and property perimeters. The warm glow of light or fire in outdoor living spaces, such as patios, decks, and structures.

In Ohio, we spend anywhere from nine to fifteen hours out of every twenty-four in the dark. So it only makes sense that including outdoor lighting in your landscaping plan is a smart investment.

Artistic outdoor lighting accents special areas of interest while creating dynamic landscaping effects. It can enhance the overall look of your home or business by providing a unique and welcoming appearance. Lighting also makes outdoor spaces, structures, and gardens more functional into the evening hours. Not to mention, it increases safety by bringing visibility to otherwise dark, difficult-to-navigate driveways and walkways. What’s more, creating a barrier of light around the perimeter of a home or business is a wise addition to your overall security plan.

At The Pattie Group, our architects and designers are well versed on the diverse and constantly expanding types and styles of outdoor lights on the market. We know exactly which landscaping and architectural elements to accent, and precisely how to do it best. Plus, our experts install electrical wiring and hardware correctly and safely to ensure long-lasting durability and attractiveness.

We offer a variety of lighting options, thanks to our fully-licensed electrician on staff:

  • LED, Incandescent, Fiber Optics, Natural Gas
  • Low voltage, Line voltage, Gas Lines
  • Switches, Timers, Photocell and Remote Operated
  • Paths, Steps, Entertainment Spaces, Artistic Landscape and Structure Accent
  • Property Depth and Wood Lines, Home Accents, Mounted Sconces, and Driveways
  • Security
  • Up-lighting, Moon-lighting, Down-lighting, Shadow Casting and Silhouette Creation
  • Reflection Enhancing, Soft Glow, Accent, Spots, Floods
  • Holiday and Twinkle Lighting
  • Outlet and Receptacle Additions

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To the dull mind all nature is leaden. To the illumined mind the whole world sparkles with light. Ralph Waldo Emerson