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With our timely applications of fertilizer and weed control, our certified lawn care eliminates unsightly imperfections while simultaneously nourishing the turf and provides optimum conditions for a beautiful and healthy lawn. Our certified technicians make proper adjustments with each application to best suit the conditions of your lawn.

The first application is a combination of granular pre-emergent herbicide and fertilizer. This controls most undesirable annual grasses and select annual broadleaf weeds such as Crabgrass and Dandelion, while providing your turf with a highly nutritious initial fertilization. This is followed by four applications of granular, balanced, slow-release fertilizer providing the necessary nutrients to maintain thick, healthy turf. Be sure to ask us about our organic options with or without the initial spring or ongoing weed control.


Our Lawn Health Care service also includes Integrated Pest Management where our Licensed Lawn Health Care professional will inspect your lawn for the various disease, fungus, and pest outbreaks common to Northeast Ohio. These include but are not limited to Red Thread, Rust, Leaf Spot, Dollar Spot, Brown Patch, Snow Mold, Chinch Bugs, and Grubs. If and when we spot problems, we treat them individually and specifically – like a sniper – as opposed to the “atomic bomb approach” which blankets broad-spectrum treatments over the entire area. This is the proper and responsible way to execute pest control. It is better for our environment and helps to preserve our bee and beneficial insect populations and not to mention safer for your family and pets.


Aeration –Relieves soil compaction in lawn areas by pulling plugs of soil and thatch up from the lawn. Breaks up compacted soil and creates more room for air, water and fertilization to reach the roots. We strongly recommend this as an annual service.

Overseeding – With our over-seeding and seed injection techniques we can renovate and invigorate a patchy or struggling lawn. This process eliminates the need for complete tear out and results in the most minimal of disruption to the existing turf. In what seems to the eye as an overnight change, you have a thicker, fuller, more lustrous lawn.

Beyond the process itself, our seed blends are superior as well. Our team is consistently monitoring and testing plots of the new turf varieties which are continually being developed and produced. With this added level of testing and research, we have continually modified and worked with local seed producers to have our own special seed blends custom bagged for our clients.

De-Thatching – Below your turf may lie a layer of dead grass known as the thatch layer. Left alone for years, it can build a substantial layer which prevents water, fertilizer, disease and insect controls from reaching the soil. Our lawn health care team removes this layer to encourage the healthy lawn to flourish.

Lime Applications – Lime is a PH-correcting mechanism helping to raise the levels in areas where it is too low and acidic. Acidic conditions are common in heavier shade locations often found in Northeast Ohio. Lawn areas that are too low in PH (too acidic) can cause “fertilizer lock-up” where the micro nutrients and fertilizers become stuck in the soil and unavailable to the lawn. Liming helps everything else we do to your lawn work even better.

Wetting Agent – Our team promotes fertilizer and water uptake in turf and plants with a soil additive which also improves drainage. This is beneficial in overly sunny locations which tend to dry out quickly, as well as wet areas that seem to stay saturated. Wetting agents work by lowering the surface water tension and in turn allows water to spread out more evenly.

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