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We hear it all the time

“A landscape company with a fully licensed electrician? Weird?”

Today, outdoor settings have similar demands as indoor ones. Outdoor spaces are becoming important extensions of our homes. And, indoor luxuries such as sound systems and televisions are being brought outdoors more often. Outdoor demands have increased as well, from new receptacles, upgraded panel needs, relocation of AC units and installation of generators. Our clients’ projects have required the running of line voltages to locations further out in yards, development of complex outdoor kitchens and structures, grounding needs for pools and water features and dynamic outdoor lighting.

As our clientele continued to demand electrical services from The Pattie Group, we realized almost every project we did involved our longtime electrical subcontractor. When he approached us about becoming a permanent member of our team, it was truly a no brainer. It didn’t take long before he was so busy, we expanded the team! Creating our own electrical department affords us the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of technology inside and outside the home. We’re able to execute the necessary electrical services for our complex projects more quickly, affordably and efficiently to our clients.

Our electrical department gets involved early in the design process so it can help inform about new technology and make sure code standards are met. These details are integrated directly into the design process, which helps with estimating. Close cooperation between our electrical and design/build teams allows us to transform outdoor spaces into nearly year-round, longer-use areas.

All of the incredible service and expertise you’ve come to expect from our nationally renowned company includes the world of electrical as well. You know our team is top class with a lifetime of study and experience. Of course, our team is insured and fully licensed in the State of Ohio (#20378). If your project requires any wattage of electricity inside or outside your home or business, we do it properly, safely, beautifully and guaranteed.

The Pattie Group can help with any power-related project. Call today to schedule your complementary safety inspection and electric project consultation for:

  • Indoor or Outdoor Lighting
  • Appliance Installation and Wiring
  • Ceiling Fans and Fixtures
  • Diagnostic Repair of Faulty Wiring
  • Electrical Dog Fence Repair
  • Generators - Whole Home or Standby
  • Satellite, Cable and Telephone Wiring
  • Surround Sound, Home Theater and Flat Panel TV Wall Mounts
  • Service Upgrades and Panel Changes
  • Switching and Home Control Systems
  • Under or In-Cabinet Lighting
  • Power outlets, receptacles and switching for holiday lights, outdoor equipment, etc.
  • Cable and power for outdoor entertainment needs
  • Outdoor kitchen and bar appliances
  • New Construction, Home Addition and Whole House Wiring and Switching

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