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Lawn Maintenance Services in Cleveland, OH

Lawn mowing services are not created equal.

The Pattie Group’s lawn maintenance professionals care for your lawn as if it was their own. There is a clear distinction between our lawn care experts who take great pride in creating and preserving a beautiful lawn and those other so-called “landscapers” who just do it for income. Mower tracks through wet areas, clippings clumped in the lawn or blown into the beds, sticks and debris just mowed over, and continuously mowed parched lawns during drought periods are not acceptable practices to The Pattie Group’s lawn maintenance professionals.

Your lawn is not a drag strip for mower time trial races and The Pattie Group does not treat it as such. We walk behind our mowers, assuring a good cut with vibrant and stunning straight lines to significantly reduce or eliminate unsightly turn marks that are ever so common with other providers.

Each visit, our crews execute a four-corner walk of your property to examine conditions before we even put a mower on your lawn. Each team is equipped with the necessary equipment to do whatever is required on a particular visit. If it’s been exceptionally dry and the lawn doesn’t need mowed, we’ll reallocate our efforts to spend time going through the beds, watering parched lawn areas or plants. We adjust our mowing heights throughout the season to maintain thick green lawns while keeping our blades regularly sharpened for that crisp clean cut. We also rotate our mowing patterns to properly cut the grass while reducing soil compaction and unwanted turf stress.

If you are interested in reducing your mowing costs on a larger property or having a more sustainable and earth friendly yard, we can suggest some alternatives. When done right, no and low-mow yards are beautiful, and they can save you money.

We also have extensive experience in the installation of synthetic turfs that look as good − if not better − than the real thing. You can eliminate mowing, watering and fertilizing all together! We were skeptics at first, too, yet synthetic turfs not only look and feel real but the long-term cost savings are staggering.

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