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Pergolas, arbors, and trellises provide artistic and functional elements to your yard or garden. These garden structures accent entrances, become garden focal features, provide shade and improve privacy, comfort and enclosure. They can be the best solution to add a critical vertical element to your garden. Fully covered structures that keep you and your family out of the elements such as pavilions, gazebos & covered porches can make lovely seating areas. If you are looking for some shade on a portion of your patio or love the idea of being able to sit outside to enjoy the sound and smell of a summer rainstorm, The Pattie Group designs and artfully constructs just the right element, in just the right place so it looks as if it was always there.



Fencing elements are designed to serve many functional and artistic goals. Some fencing structures are designed to provide privacy or screen out neighboring eye sores. Others add a safety perimeter to encourage children and pets to stay within eye sight. Many are necessary for railings or gates. Fortunately, The Pattie Group team knows how to make the necessary beautiful, too, with a variety of textiles from the expected chain link, aluminum, composite and vinyl fences to custom steel, wrought iron, glass, and wood of all varieties.



Walls, Pillars and Piers are architectural extensions that, like other structures, can be used to accent entryways, serve as garden focal points, provide screening and add artistic features. They can be the necessary framework to create a lovely courtyard or used as the weighty foundation for larger overhead structures such as pergolas and covered structures or yard and driveway entry gates. They can define and create a sense of space and even serve as additional seating areas. One of their most important functions is to manage grade transition. Strategically-designing and implementing walls can transform your sloping property from un-useable into your favorite multi-level patio entertainment space or place to meander. They can be dry-stacked, tied-backed, pinned, or footed masonry and built from materials such as stone, brick, block, timbers, wood, gabion basket and a variety of other materials. Whatever your design desire or property challenges are, The Pattie Group will artistically and beautifully design and install them using the right method and material to compliment your home or office while maximizing the potential and function of your outdoor settings.

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