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The Pattie Group designs and installs irrigation systems to provide years of optimum performance. Pairing an unmatched knowledge of horticulture with proper irrigation installation techniques our systems provide the most efficient and purposeful use of water to make your plants and turf thrive. There are dozens of issues those without horticulture knowledge can miss. For example, Blue Holly are common plants in our area and are extremely sensitive to overwatering. Conversely, an Endless Summer Hydrangea can never have enough water. They often show up together in the same vicinity of Northeast Ohio landscape designs. Our irrigation system designs are planned for these variables. We account for the microclimates of your yard as well, watering sunny and elevated areas separately from shady and low-lying areas. Planted areas require drastically different amounts of water than lawn areas, so we never design our systems to water both on the same zone, ultimately preventing the under or over-watering of one or the other. We study your landscape and place heads where the plants and lawn really need them for exceptionally efficient coverage. We vary the nozzles, emitters and head selections appropriately for the plants they water.

Beyond our horticultural knowledge, we are masters of proper installation methods and processes. We accurately measure the existing water pressure and gallons per minute to create a system that won’t overtax your water supply and pressure limits, which can hinder your in-home necessities. We size your clock appropriately for your unique situation, and we plan for potential add-ons in the future so you don’t have to replace your clock every time you want to make a change or add a new garden.


Cutting-Edge and Water-Conserving Accessories

We offer the installation of a variety of system accessories that reduce your water usage, save you money and enhance the capabilities of your system.

Our smart irrigation technology can reduce water usage and waste by as much as 20 percent over conventional irrigation systems

Wifi-Enabled Connectivity:
Being connected through a Wifi-enabled controller gives you and us total control over your irrigation system from any computer and any smartphone, resulting in reduced worry and maintenance expense from trips to the property.

High-Efficiency Nozzles: We install system nozzles with the highest efficiency to accomplish the needed result. We can also upgrade an existing system to better manage water use, eliminate runoff and reduce water bills.

Rain Sensors: Our systems all come standard with a rain sensor. If it is raining when your system is scheduled to come on, the system automatically shuts itself down to prevent unnecessary water waste and damage by over-watering your landscape. Never again will you see your irrigation system running when it's raining or after it's been raining all day.

Moisture Sensors: One of the best water-saving accessories is moisture sensors. Installed in the varying micro-climates of your yard, sensors control the areas designated to be similar. These sensor-enhanced areas will not run until the moisture level falls below a pre-set level. Thus, plants get watered only when thirsty, not by a pre-set clock that is not at all in tune with actual site and weather conditions.

The system is so smart and so sophisticated that if there's a leak or a wiring problem underground, it not only shuts down the affected zone, but it even notifies The Pattie Group of those leaks or potential problems. You'll never get a horrific water bill alerting you that something was broken underground. We'll know the moment of occurrence. 

Weather Stations: Weather stations are the next upgrade from moisture sensors. They offer the best level of technology available. The stations measure moisture content in the soil and air as well as actual precipitation rates and rainfall to control your entire system 100% based on actual needs in your yard. The advantage is consistent adjustments of watering cycles according to accurate, real-time weather data. Weather stations save water and money and can be monitored remotely. If you want to be as green and sustainable as possible with your irrigation system, the weather station is the accessory for you.

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