Garden & Bed Maintenance

Our horticulturally-educated and trained garden planners and care teams make your garden and landscape beds picture-perfect by removing debris, keeping beds edged and weed-free by turning, and fluffing and loosening soil and mulch for optimum water percolation and ideal growing conditions. Whether your beds need maintenance weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or just a few times a year, our teams will make it so you spend more time enjoying your yard and less time working on it. In executing our services, we get a chance to dig in and get our hands dirty while getting close to your plants. We’ll keep an eye out for pest and disease outbreaks and suggest measures to combat whatever pops up.

We also tackle tougher renovation jobs, whether it’s a bed that has gotten away from you or a woods line that is filled with scrub growth preventing deeper views. With the proper approach, a woods edge renovation and strategic thinning can make your yard feel two or three times the size.

To reduce maintenance or use of mulches, we can help you develop a plan to strategically introduce perennials and ground covers. Over time, we will make your yard more attractive and require less time from you and us.

We also offer perennial and annual flower maintenance including perennial division at the appropriate season, annual flower deadheading and timely fertilization. We know all of the best ways to keep your flowers profusely blooming throughout the growing season.

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The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size. Gertrude S. Wister