Deer & Pest Control

Unfortunately, in Northeast Ohio, there is no such thing as a deer-proof landscape. Even the best designer who chooses plants the deer “don’t like” cannot keep a starving herd from eating whatever is necessary for them to survive. That’s why we practice several prevention methods to aid your landscape’s defense. Our plant health care team can add monthly deer and rabbit repellent applications to your vulnerable plant material. During the fall and winter, our installation of deer netting can help to assure you have plants left when spring arrives.



Additional Nuisance Control Services

Mosquito Repellant
We know yards infested with biting, disease-ridden mosquitoes prevent you from really enjoying your outdoor space. Our staff is licensed and can be scheduled for mosquito repellant applications for your yard and property perimeter. Only have a slight mosquito problem and hoping for the best? The bigger the guest count, the more people who are exhaling carbon dioxide: a major mosquito attractant. Schedule a yard treatment a few days before your big shindig!

Ant & Spider Barrier for Home Perimeter
Carpenter Ants occasionally find their way into all of our homes and no one enjoys finding that Wolf Spider or House Centipede in the dark corner of the basement. The Pattie Group is licensed for the application of exterior perimeter home ant and spider defense to greatly discourage an uninvited invasion of your home.



Canadian Geese Repellant

Canadian Geese are beautiful creatures that are fun to have visit your field or pond from time to time. However, an extended stay from a large flock can make your yard an uninviting place or render open areas unusable for your children to play. Our repellants help keep flocks from settling in for the long haul to assure your yard doesn’t become their “dumping” ground and your lawn their food source.

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