If your garage has become a domestic dumping ground, it’s time to shift gears. Today, a blog provided
 by Encore Garage of Ohio owner and Cleveland organizing guru Mike Padden.

If the only thing that fits in your garage is your car, this article is for YOU! Most homeowners say the largest room in their home is the messiest, "the garage". For many, the garage is the home’s main entrance, and organizing this space is one of their top home-related priorities.

The garage is a space with enormous potential that often turns into a cluttered mess––with bikes, sporting equipment, holiday decorations, tools, and gardening equipment scattered throughout. The difference between a cluttered mess and organization is as simple as implementing one of EncoreGarage of Ohio’s many garage storage solutions.

The secret is to claim all unused available space! Even if your garage is on the small to medium size, I guarantee that you have space within. Follow these storage solution recommendations and you'll enjoy your new and improved garage for seasons to come.

Garage Storage Solution #1: Overhead Garage Storage

Does getting something out of your garage involve running an obstacle course or seem more like a treasure hunt? Is your garage floor taken over by piles of toys and stacks of boxes or crates? If so, we have a garage storage solution for you! The most commonly overlooked storage space is over your head. EncoreGarage Ohio’s Overhead garage storage racks can give you up to 112 cubic feet of new storage space, safely and securely holding up to 800 ponds. This is excellent storage for seasonal items such as sporting equipment, holiday decorations and camping gear. Click to view more of EncoreGarage of Ohio’s overhead garage storage.

Garage Storage Solution #2: Garage Cabinets & Shelving

Garage walls are prime real estate for shelving units, hooks and hanging space. Our tall, short and extra deep garage cabinets with 1 inch thick shelving are perfect to store recycling bins, garden tools, tents, and oversized such as golf clubs. With garage cabinets you have a fully enclosed garage storage space that protects your belongings from dust and pests while protecting children and pets from harmful liquids and dangerous tools. EncoreGarage of Ohio offers "GARAGE GRADE" cabinets in a multitude of finish choices that are custom designed to fit every available configuration. Whether your looking for two cabinets or a full wall, we can help you make the most of your unused available space. Click here to view more EncoreGarage of Ohio’s Cabinetry.

Garage Storage Solution #3: Gridwall
If you’re not ready for garage cabinetry, gridwall is a simple and sensible option for garage wall organization. These cost effective and expandable systems let you easily determine the whereabouts of your belongings and offer easy access. Grids which come in a standard size of 4ft wide by 2ft can be installed individually or in wall groupings. Various hooks, baskets, racks and shelving are available which attach to the grids wall to provide instant yet rearrangeable garage organization. Gridwall racks create a multi-purpose space to store and easily access sporting equipment, tools, and bikes. Accessories for gridwall racks like baskets and hooks are available to organize loose odds and ends. Click here to see more pictures of gridwall rack systems.

Reorganizing and cleaning up the clutter can be an overwhelming task for most. The first step is making the commitment to do something about it. And, if you don’t think you’re the do-it-yourself type, EncoreGarage of Ohio can help you transform your garage from start to finish, with our high quality “Garage Grade” storage systems. Get the garage of your dreams today! It’s more affordable than you think!

Whatever your garage needs, contact Michael Padden at 330-922-4411 or mikep@encoregarageohio.com.
EncoreGarage of Ohio is a locally owned, full-service garage makeover company that offers custom installed garage storage systems and FlexCore™ advanced polymer Floor Coating Systems. EncoreGarage of Ohio serves clients in the Greater Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, and Pittsburgh areas.