Are you ready for your next summer party? Here are a few ideas to ensure you are prepared and can fully enjoy the event with your guests.

Create a Comfortable Environment
• Have plenty of seating and places to eat. Consider renting or borrowing extra tables and chairs, outdoor patio furniture, and throw pillows. Having multiple seating options makes the party feel more relaxing.
• Create conversation areas by putting a few cushioned chairs off the beaten path for intimate talks.
• Fire pits and fireplaces are great for creating gathering spots.
• Put throw blankets in a basket for guests when the night air cools.

Have a Plan for Bad Weather
• Create areas of shade for guests to escape the sun and heat.
• Even if rain is not in the forecast, plan for it anyway. Rent tents, have an alternate location in mind, or make space inside your home for guests to escape the weather.
• Wind can wreak havoc; anchor tents, inflatables, and tablecloths.

Keep Mosquitoes Away
• Treat the party area and property perimeter with a mosquito repellent.
• Place citronella candles around your entertainment space.
• Add sage to fire pits; humans love the smell, mosquitoes do not.
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Consider Lighting
• Provide guests with enough light to see their food and drinks as well as the people they are speaking with.
• Use candles, string lights and fire to create ambiance.
• Be sure to light pathways and hard-to-navigate areas to prevent falls.
• Consult the on-staff electrician at The Pattie Group, Inc.

Don’t Forget About Parking
• Speak with neighbors before suggesting guests park in the street.
• If parking is an issue at your home, consider having the event at a location that has more space for the extra vehicles.
• Offer a valet service with the help of The Pattie Group home concierge services.