Standby home generators are back up electrical systems that work as your home’s instant “Plan B” power source.

How a Home Generator Works
Home generators are connected directly to the house wiring and the fuel source, such as gasoline, diesel and natural gas. When the home loses power, the generator either starts automatically or by pushing a button. With an automatic generator, it senses a power outage and turns on. When the power restores, the unit turns off. Learn more about home generators.

Why a Generator is Important
With a home generator, you won’t have to worry about losing the necessities in life such as:

- Heat
- Lights
- Water
- Refrigeration

It’s also nice to be able to power the luxuries in life: TVs, computers and other electronics.
Portable Generators vs. Stationary Generators
A portable generator powers individual components such as an appliance or a lamp, and are ideal for camping and working in areas without power.

They can be run on gasoline or diesel fuel and must be started manually.

A stationary generator powers the large, hard-wired items, such as heat, well pumps and sump pumps, security systems, and appliances.

There is no need for refueling as it’s directly connected to a fuel source.

Whether you are home or out of town, the stationary generator automatically starts and reestablishes power quickly, saving you money and headaches.
Potential Cost to Homeowners from Power Outages
Burst or Frozen Pipes $10,000
Flooded Basement $21,000
Mold Removal $500-$30,000
Food Loss $250-$500
Alternative Shelter $110/night

Home Generators are Affordable
The Pattie Group, Inc.’s in-house electrician will help determine everything that is needed to install your generator after a visit to your home. The electrician will help choose the size of the generator that is needed, the proper fuel source and the best place to install the unit and transfer switch. While costs of the generator and installation vary, sizing the unit and materials properly will save you money. Another way to save some cash: for every Kohler generator purchased, you will receive a $150 CONSUMER REBATE.

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