The Pattie Group is a leader in sustainable landscape solutions. Our landscapes are designed with plantings that are native to the area. We design composting bins in as many landscapes as possible, and recycle almost all material coming off job sites and out of our office. We are well-versed in water runoff solutions, cistern collection, bio-swale implementation, and rain gardens.

When our clients allow, we use LED light fixtures in our lighting designs which require less energy and less wiring. In an effort to conserve water, our irrigation systems our laid out in zones with consideration for micro-climates, separating them by: sunny vs. shady areas, elevated vs. low lying areas, lawn vs. bed areas. This gives a higher degree of control and reducing water waste. They can also be installed to run via moisture sensors instead of a standard clock schedule. All come standard with rain sensors which combine to reduce water consumption and waste by as much as an additional 20%.

We offer and have experience in synthetic turfs and organic fertilization options. We often encourage low and no-mow lawn areas on our clients’ properties which slow water run off, reduce the need for fertilization and weed control, and help reduce maintenance expenses for our clients. We are big supporters of groundcovers, and proper plant massing which also reduce run-off, maintain moisture levels and reduce irrigation needs and annual mulching expenses.

We buy virtually all our products locally to reduce shipping and gas consumption and run bio-diesel in many of our heavy equipment. And this is just the beginning. Every year, as technology allows, we continue to implement more earth-friendly equipment to reduce our carbon footprint. We went “green” long before it was cool.

If you are looking for ways to be more sustainable on your property, we are happy to help. Our design process infuses a great deal of sustainable principals naturally, but we can help you feel good about doing your part as well. Contact The Pattie Group to find out more about the dozens of earth friendly things we can do together on your landscape.