These days, smart homeowners realize that one of the best ways to increase their property’s value by 15 percent or more is to renovate the landscape, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of pure profit. Here are four landscape projects that reap lush rewards when it comes to boosting the property value. 

• Curb Appeal: The first impression is an important one for potential buyers and visitors. Realtors estimate that 95 percent of house shoppers will not even get out of the car if the house lacks curb appeal. First, hire a qualified landscape contractor to maintain the turf, horticulturally prune the trees and shrubs, and continually deadhead flowers to keep seasonal color fresh and vibrant; then improve the visitor’s journey to the entrance. By making walks interesting and wide enough for two people, choosing plant material with year-round interest, and properly spacing and grouping the plants, a home can feel dramatically more personal and inviting. A high-quality landscape firm will spend time learning about you and your family’s future plans and properly advise you on the smartest investments to help you reap the greatest rewards.

• Year-Round Attention: A year-round landscape enhances a home’s exterior through every season. With a little planning and knowledge, it’s easy to create a landscape that abounds with colors and textures all year long … even in the winter. Evergreens are especially important in the planning and design of a Northeastern Ohio landscape. We spend five to six months of the year looking at trees without leaves, so in a well-designed landscape, 75 percent of the plants should be some variety of evergreen.

• A Private Sanctuary: Essential to any value-building landscape is not only beauty, but also privacy. In creating an outdoor retreat, you must analyze the surroundings, and strategically and artistically screen out eyesores, block the harsh winds and suppress unpleasant noise. You should feel very comfortable and at ease in your backyard, whether you are sunbathing, reading a book, enjoying a family meal on the deck, or running to the hot tub.

• Expanded Living Space: By bringing the “inside” to the outside, homeowners can essentially increase their home’s square footage, and statistics prove that deck and patio additions garner the highest return on investment at 76 percent, according to Remodeling Magazine. Today’s decks and patios often include a fire pit and/or professional-grade grill, allowing homeowners to cook and entertain outdoors. Patios, decks and porches are becoming more like kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms as homeowners feel more relaxed in their outdoor spaces.

If you’re looking to increase your property’s value, consider looking outdoors. You might just find a big chunk of change in the backyard.