The number one killer of plant material in Northeast Ohio is under or over watering. Don’t put your plants’ necessary horticultural care in the hands of plumbers or pipe-layers. Trust the most critical plant need to the nationally certified horticulture and irrigation experts at The Pattie Group Inc.

Save Time - Irrigation systems are placed on timers and are self-starting/self-stopping. No longer do you need to spend hours standing in your lawn and flower beds with a hose or more the oscillating sprinkler.
Save Money - Adding an irrigation system to your yard saves money on water bills and your plants live longer because they are being correctly watered.
Save Water - A customized, professional irrigation system uses less water than watering by hand with a hose.
  • High Efficiency Nozzles: We install system nozzles with the highest efficiency to accomplish the needed result. We can also upgrade an existing system to better manage water use, eliminate runoff and reduce water bills. 
  • Rain Sensors: Our systems all come standard with a rain sensor. If it is raining when your systems scheduled to come on, the system automatically shuts itself down to prevent unnecessary  water waste and damage by over-watering your landscape.
  • Moisture Sensors: One of the best water-saving accessories is moisture sensors. Installed in the varying micro-climates of your yard, sensors control the areas designated to be similar. These sensor enhanced areas will not run until the moisture level falls below a pre-set level. Thus plants get watered only when thirsty, not by a pre-set clock that is not at all in tune with actual conditions.
  • Weather Stations: Weather stations are the next upgrade from moisture sensors. They offer the best level of technology available. The stations measure moisture content in the soil and air as well as actual precipitation rates and rainfall to control your entire system 100% based on actual needs in your yard. The advantage is consistent adjustments of watering cycles according to accurate, real time weather data. Weather stations save water and money. Not to mention, can also be monitored remotely. If you want to be as green and sustainable as possible with your irrigation system, the weather station is the accessory for you.

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