The arrangement of one’s outdoor environment is every bit as critical to the enjoyment of a home as the indoor space. Landscaping should be more than an afterthought, especially when new home construction is being undertaken. The Pattie Group recommends clients bring us into the building process even before breaking ground.  

While contractors and interior architects are experts in building a house, the construction of the four walls inward can destroy valuable land surrounding it by taking down trees, spreading clay across the entire property, and covering up good topsoil. These actions force The Pattie Group to start from scratch on our portion of the overall property development, requiring trees and topsoil to be brought in instead of using what was already there. Ultimately, it’s an expense that is completely avoidable. 


Whereas most people buy property, build a house and then call a landscaper, customers who involve The Pattie Group early in the process have the ability to save a lot of money, both from being able to undertake the landscape design/build work most efficiently and often by being able to roll all or part of the landscaping costs right into their mortgage payments. 

In addition to being able to leverage existing plants and topsoil, involving The Pattie Group from the outset of any major build project on your property also ensures appropriate placement of elements critical to maintaining outdoor utilities. For example, spigots should be installed near plants and close to where someone plans to wash their car. Locations of gas lines for outdoor cooking, plumbing and irrigation systems should all be planned before building a house. In doing so, these elements can be seamlessly built into the larger build instead of having to contend with going back in later and poking holes in the house.  

The same planful approach benefits stonework too. Involving The Pattie Group from the beginning can help ensure stones in the foundation and outside of the house are matched with accent features, such as a wall, throughout the landscape design.  

Luckily, The Pattie Group, with more than 55 years of experience and expertise as one of the premier landscape firms in the United States, has excellent working relationships with architects and builders, allowing us to get involved with projects from day one.  

From there, The Pattie Group executes its three-step landscaping management process (design, installation, and maintenance) to ensure homeowners get the property of their dreams — on time and within their budgets.