Water is the most important natural resource that needs protecting. Sustainability starts with the management of existing water basins, as well as rainfall. The Pattie Group focuses on natural filtration and reduction of runoff to improve water quality while preserving soil and vegetation. We often work in ground covers to reduce bed maintenance and can suggest low or no-mow areas of lawns to help the hydrology of your landscape. By adding in plants, run-off is reduced and in turn, lowers possible erosion. Plants also serve as a natural filtration system removing pollutants from water.

Did you know that for every one inch of rainfall per your 100 square feet of roof, you can gather up to 60 gallons of water!? That’s hundreds of gallons per house roof that can be stored during a steady rainfall. In order to collect the water rolling off our your home, have The Pattie Group install water run-off management systems such as:

  • Rain gardens and bio swales
  • Rain barrels, bladders & cisterns
  • Downspout diverters
  • Permeable pavements

We know that sustainability also means the elimination of waste. Water management and conservation also leads to fewer drainage pipe materials and overall lower repair costs. Our irrigation management staff recycles saved water for irrigation of your lawn and plants to minimize your need for irrigation otherwise. Not to mention, our properly managed irrigation systems minimize water usage by horticulturally planning and targeting your landscape’s water needs. By addressing drainage issues on the surface, we can often limit the use of drain tile, saving materials, time and future hassle.

Find out more information about drainage on our Design & Installation page, or our smart irrigation technology.