Before implementing any of these tips or spending time in your yard where mosquitoes might still exist, be sure to protect yourself. Use sprays, lotions, clothing, and other mosquito repellents to prevent painful bites and the spreading of diseases.

• Remove stagnant or slow-moving water sources and properly dispose of yard waste and leaves.
• Be sure to keep your gutters clean of leaves and debris.
• Water can collect in the bottom of garbage cans. Drill holes in the bottom so water can drain.
• Watch for areas in your landscape that do not drain properly after it rains and re-grade if possible.
• If you have any overgrown foliage, consider trimming or eliminating it all together.
• When using your fire pit, add sage to keep mosquitoes away.
• Place citronella candles around your yard and entertainment space.
• If you have a tarp covering your grill, wood pile or boat, be sure it’s pulled tight. Rainwater pools in the low spots and folds of the tarp.
Treating the Yard
When all else fails or if you prefer to have the experts handle the problem from the get-go, call The Pattie Group, Inc. Our licensed staff will apply mosquito repellent to your yard and property perimeter.

* Do you only have a slight mosquito problem and are hoping for the best? The bigger the guest count at your party, the more people who are exhaling carbon dioxide: a major mosquito attractant. Schedule a yard treatment a few days before your big shindig!

We know yards infested with biting, disease-ridden mosquitoes prevent you from really enjoying your outdoor space. Eliminate that issue now! Contact The Pattie Group, Inc.